A Strong Canada

What is A Strong Canada?

We want everyone involved, especially those of you who think politics isn’t for you, and we’re your ticket to the party.

What party?  Not just one. All of them. All of the parties.

You need to buy a ticket??  No. No tickets. It was just an expression. Actually we weren’t even invited.

Invited to what? What the hell are you talking about?  Canadian politics never invited us in. We just showed up one day and refused to leave. Now they’re stuck with us and we’re sneaking in as many of our friends as we possibly can. Here’s how:

  1. Media – During the 2017 Conservative Leadership Race we helped thousands of political outsiders join the party and begin to understand the very interesting and definitely-not-as-boring-as-it-seems landscape of Canadian politics with multiple candidate interviews and commentary on the election.  Our coverage continued during the NDP Leadership.Now we continue to explore Canadian politics with videos and articles, and we’re promoting our new form of activism: Party Crashing (or cross-partisanism to you academics) with the mission of creating better political conversations and steering Canada on a course far, far away from the cesspit of dogma and polarization to the South… no need to name names.
  2. Political Engagement – Less than 1% of Canadians determines who the next political leaders are in our country – including the current and next PM.  Yeah, yeah 60% of us vote in Federal Elections and that’s fine we guess, but did you know that you can actually pretty easily influence who each major Party chooses as its Leader?
  3. Find out how Party Crashing is making more choices available and keeping our political parties in Canada accountable to the citizens they represent.

Already familiar with us and want to help us achieve our mission? If you feel like it, consider supporting us through our Patreon, or just reach out and let us know if you’d like to become involved, we always count on help from good people all over the country to keep this thing moving along.

So help us help you help us help you help build A Strong Canada – together.

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Aaron Binder, Kasey Dunn and Nicholas Tsergas at the 2017 Conservative Leadership Convention - about to go on CPAC!
Aaron Binder, Kasey Dunn and Nicholas Tsergas at the 2017 Conservative Leadership Convention – about to go on CPAC!

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